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General Meeting Minutes
April 25, 2000
Call to Order
President Joe Gieselman called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m.

The minutes of the January meeting were approved as summarized.

Joe Gieselman reported that Katherine Loaysa, the manager of the City Development Assistance who was to speak on the status of the Terrace Development, had called him the previous week to say that she did not feel well enough versed in the history of the project to speak about the issue and answer members’ questions. She suggested alternate speakers, none of whom was available.

Kelly Shannon, head of the Beautification and Environmental Committee, reported on the complexity of the Terrace Development issue and the difficulty getting correct information on which to base any neighborhood opinions and actions.

It was suggested and decided that a small committee set up a meeting with City officials, including Katherine Loaysa, to learn the facts and what, if anything,

Mark Yznaga stated that the City Council is restricted as to what it can do about the Development by House Bill 1704. What is unknown now includes the following: what is the timetable?; what deadlines are there?; has Fish and Wildlife signed off on the deal?; what is the operable definition of “impervious cover”?; what will the impact on traffic be?; have there been any legal violations?

Jeff Jacks, president of the Zilker Neighborhood Association who was at the meeting, suggested that the Association join with other neighborhoods, SOS, and other environmental groups to pursue action to mitigate the impact of the Development on Barton Creek and the surrounding area as soon as possible. It was moved, seconded, and passed that the Association in conjunction with other neighborhood associations and environmental groups do as Mr. Jacks suggested and that the Executive Committee is empowered to ta

Kelly Shannon reported on other Beautification and Environmental Committee actions. The clean-ups of the Barton Creek Greenbelt and Barton Parkway will take place in January. Any environmental guidelines and oak wilt information will be included in the neighborhood welcome packet and the directory. If possible, signs will be posted at the proper times to prune oaks. The Property Standards group had nothing to report.

The Sunken Gardens Committee met last week with Robert Hansen, the City biologist. Its goals are to restore the Gardens, preserve the salamander habitat, and create an educational exhibit. Larry Akers made a plea for a structural engineer to do a pro bono initial assessment; he can be reached at 443-1036 (home), 451-1050 ext. 205 (work), or
Joe Gieselman reported for Carl Newsome, head of the Transportation Committee. On behalf of the Association Jo

The City decision to install all-way stops within 30 days at Robert E. Lee and Barton Hills Drive and at Robert E. Lee and Rabb Road had not been communicated to either this Association or the Zilker Neighborhood Association although the Zilker Association has requested them at Kinney and Bluebonnet. It was decided to ask the City to defer these actions until Joe Gieselman and Jeff Jacks can meet with Joan Hudson to find out the justification for the stops and how they would affect safety and the diversion of traffic to other streets.

Zilker Trail
Project Update
The Zilker Trail Project will be deferred due to lack of City response and enthusiasm.
July 4 Parade
Committee Report
Kay Killen, speaking for Roberta Preston, asked for volunteers to help with the 4th of July parade activities and also said that the Parade Committee would look into varying the route from year to year.
and Education
Committee Report
Robin McKeever, head of the Communication and Education Committee, reported on the successful forum for candidates for the council and mayoral races held last evening in conjunction with the Zilker Neighborhood Association. She encouraged everyone to vote in the May 6 election.
Committee Report
Joe Gieselman announced that there was still no chair for the Community Outreach Committee. Art Stone volunteered for the position.
Council Report
Kay Killen, ANC representative, gave out some guidelines for Master Planning and implementing Neighborhood Plans.
and Treasurer's
John Bell reported that the Association has 358 memberships, a smaller number than last year at this time. As of 23 March 2000 the bank account balance is $4234.64, of which $67 is earmarked for oak wilt control.
President's Report Joe Gieselman stated he had nothing major to add. He urged people to vote in the election and announced that St. Mark’s will be having its annual barbeque the same day. He may be out of town for the 27 June 2000 general membership meeting; Mark Reinking will chair.
New Business
Zilker Hillside
Janice Godwin announced that the Zilker Hillside Theater plans to put on “West Side Story” this summer and that the Theater needs funds badly. The members approved a donation from the Association treasury of $200 be made to the Zilker Theater Foundation. In addition the Theater can set up a table at the 4th of July parade to sell tickets.
Respectfully submitted,
Yates Barreda

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