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General Meeting Minutes
October 24, 2000
Call to Order
President Joe Gieselman called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.

The minutes of the 27 June 2000 meeting were approved as summarized.

Light Rail
The topic for the evening was the proposal for light rail in Austin. City Councilman Darryl Slusher spoke in favor of the proposal. Former City Councilman Max Nofziger spoke against it. Each spoke for ten minutes, and afterwards there were questions from the floor, directed to each spokesman alternately, for 15 minutes.
Election of
Lisa Fehrenkamp, chair of the nominating committee (which also included Ferne Mizell, Pat Whiteside, Nan Clayton, and Stephanie Benold), announced the slate of officers for the coming year. They are Joe Gieselman, President; Robin McKeever, Vice-President; Rafael Quintanilla, Treasurer; Sharon Slagle, Recording Secretary; Kay Killen, ANC Representative; and Emily Mazac, Newsletter Editor. There were no nominations from the floor. The nominated officers for 2001 were elected.
John Bell announced that there is a bank balance of $6799.51. Of this amount there are designated accounts: $67 for oak wilt, $40 for Officer Jones ($195 has already been forwarded), and $2200 for the Sunken Gardens Project. Thus the available bank balance is $4492.51.

It was moved, seconded, and approved that the Association match the $235 in private donations for the Officer Jones fund.

The Association currently has 397 members. Dues are now being accepted for 2001.

and Beautification
Committee Report
Speaking for Kelly Shannon, who was ill, David Horton said that the Terrace PUD Subcommittee had met with the developer and was impressed that he is responsive to concerns about appearance and lighting and is doing more than strictly called for in protecting the environment. However, there

No one was available to report on the Sunken Gardens Project. John Bell called for a report on how the donated $2200 will be spent.

Committee Report
Speaking for Chairman Carl Newsome, who is out of the country, Joe Gieselman said that there is a working group of four Association members who, after being briefed by City staff, will meet jointly with representatives from the Zilker Neighborhood Association to go over possible traffic calming measures on Robert E. Lee. The City has decided that the installation of all-way stops at Robert E. Lee and Barton Hills Drive is not a matter for neighborhoods to decide but one of traffic engineering warrants. Joe Gieselman said he would do what he could to dissuade the traffic engineers from installing all-way stops at that intersection.

The Association did not receive grant money for the installation of sidewalk along Robert E. Lee and Barton Hills Drive by Zilker Park. However, it turns out that the City Public Works Department has plans to install a 6 wide concrete sidewalk from the new bridge along and to the west of Robert E. Lee. Joe Gieselman suggested the City might consider using a 10 wide dolomite path instead; it would be about the same cost, be a lot wider, and fit in better with other paths in Zilker Park. Some sidewalk was recently installed along Barton Hills Drive over the new storm water inlet. The Committee will try to learn if the City plans to link these walks and what can be done about having the work done.

ANC Report Kay Killen reported that current topics of discussion within the Austin Neighborhoods Council are the Gotham Towers project, the crucial importance of developing neighborhood plans, light rail, and the cutting of trees in Eastwood Park. She asked how the membership wanted her to vote on the light rail issue and, in light of no indication by those present of how they wished her to vote, announced she would abstain.
New Business Betty Brown asked if Association funds earmarked for oak wilt control can be used to remove several large dead oaks at the corner of Rae Dell and Barton Skyway. The question arose as to whether the trees are on City or private property. Joe Gieselman will attempt to see if the City will help, either by removing the trees or helping fund their removal.

The question of increasing participation at Association meetings arose.

George Lewis asked that the Association match the $35 he is raising in memory of a neighbor child who recently died of non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Joe Gieselman said he did not think this an appropriate use of Association funds but that members were encouraged to donate to the Leukemia Foundation if they wished to do so.

Art Stone announced that there are now a couple of web sites with information about the neighborhood. One is on Yahoo. To get on it, members may e-mail him at As neighborhood liaison with the APD he is currently taking training courses with the police and shortly will be able to field complaints about abandoned and improperly parked vehicles and violations of handicapped parking places.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Yates Barreda

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