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General Meeting Minutes
April 24, 2001
Call to Order
President Joe Gieselman called the meeting to order a few minutes after 7:00. Sharon Slagle read minutes from the January 23rd meeting, and approximately 45 neighbors in attendance adopted them.
Treasurer's Report
Rafael Quintanilla reported that the Checking Account balance is $7470.00, with an available balance of $5148.00 (written report attached).

December 31, 2000 - April 24, 2001 
Barton Hills/Horseshoe Bend Neighborhood Association


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4/24/2001 Checking Balance


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4/24/2001 Available


Child Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety Presentation Doug Ballew, from Austin Travis County Health and Human Services, presented information on “Child Pedestrian and Bicyclist Injuries in South Austin”, noting that zip codes 78702, 78704, and 78745 had the highest injury rates in Austin during 1995-1999. However, he also noted that while 78704 had the second highest injury rate during that time, no injuries occurred in the Barton Hills neighborhood.
Crime Prevention Committee Report Art Stone and Austin Police Department Officer Keith Hamblin addressed concerns about abandoned vehicles in the neighborhood. Officer Hamblin reported that he has tagged more than 100 abandoned vehicles since mid-January. He also reported that the neighborhood has experienced a 34% decrease in property crime during the first quarter of this year; however, he noted that property crimes are increasing throughout the city during April
Environment and Beautification Committee Report Craig Smith solicited volunteers to help write and produce a neighborhood handbook on guidelines for environmentally friendly lawn care, waste disposal, etc.
4th of July Parade Committee Report Joe Gieselman announced that Noél Holmes has agreed to chair this committee.
Transportation Committee Report Joe Gieselman reported that it is now in question whether the City will approve speed humps on Robert E. Lee Road. He will continue to monitor the situation.

Joe also reported that 14 months of construction on Barton Springs Road through Zilker Park will begin in early summer, and he solicited guidance from attendees on the role BHNA should play. In general discussion neighbors agreed that our primary concern is pedestrian safety and that we do not want vehicular traffic through the park inhibited unnecessarily, particularly since we do not want to raise interest in a Barton Skyway bridge through the park as an alternate path through the neighborhood. We would prefer elevated crosswalks over Barton Springs Road, ones that are designed to look good in the park and to attract users. We would like to see drawings of proposals.

Nan Clayton asked for BHNA support working with the City to extend the no-parking zone where Cedarview turns into Arpdale. Joe will follow up to address the problem.

Nan Clayton asked for BHNA support for soliciting the City to extend the new pedestrian bridge at Lamar on across First Street. Joe will follow up.

Neighborhood Plan Committee Report Joe Gieselman has gathered how-to documents and plans from other neighborhoods, and in the coming quarter he will establish this committee of past BHNA presidents.
ANC Update Joe Gieselman reported for Kay Killen that the ANC has awarded Barton Hills Neighborhood the “78704 Votes” Award for having the highest voter turnout in the 78704 zip code during the November general election, bond elections, and Capital Metro’s light rail referendum.

Preliminary results of the 2000 U.S. Census count show that the Barton Hills area increased by 56 persons, from 4,334 in Year 1990 to 4,390 in Year 2000, with the population shifting slightly within the neighborhood.

The ANC is looking for volunteers to work on billboard ordinance and urban noise issues. Anyone interested should contact Kay Killen.

New Business Joe Gieselman reported that Jeff Jack from the Zilker Neighborhood Association would like BHNA support opposing improvements to Mopac. The Transportation Committee will look into this request and make recommendations at the next BHNA General Meeting.

Jorjanna Price reported that the oak wilt trench that BHNA helped build has now failed and a very aggressive strain of oak wilt is now advancing underground via intertwined roots through the neighborhood at a rate of approximately 2 feet/week. Infected trees have been identified on Westhill, Oakhaven, and RaeDell. The City urges residents not to prune trees from February 1st through June 1st. More information is available on the City website. The Environment and Beautification Committee will include tree-pruning instructions in the handbook it is creating.

Nan Clayton asked BHNA to write a letter that will go to approximately 12 people soliciting support for Ann Kitchen’s proposed amendments affecting pipeline safety, which include conversion of pipelines built before 1970, authority for the Railroad Commission to increase liability for companies that build pipelines, and notification of school districts when pipelines are planned to be placed near schools. Sandy Nichols moved that BHNA write such a letter, and Craig Smith seconded her motion, which was passed by members present.

Concerns were voiced about property tax increases, and Joe advised concerned neighbors to pull together relevant information and recommendations for a future meeting if appropriate.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Slagle
Recording Secretary

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