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General Meeting Minutes
May 4, 1999
Treasurer's Report
Peter Hess called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

The minutes of the 9 February 1999 meeting were summarized and approved.

John Bell, Treasurer, reported that there are 360 memberships plus the new ones paid this evening. The Association would like to have 400 memberships. He is trying to get 110 former members to rejoin.

John Bell reported that the balance as of the end of January was $3052.56, $67 of which was earmarked for the oak wilt project. The current balance is $4536.50, and the available balance is $4469.50 with the same $67 earmarked for oak wilt. He asked for more ads in the newsletters to help defray their cost.
E-Mail Newsletters/
Next Meeting Date
Peter Hess reported that there had been a good response to e-mailed newsletters, and if anyone is interested in receiving them via e-mail, to please contact John Bell.

He also announced that the next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 29 June 1999.
July 4 Parade Roberta Preston, chair of the Independence Day Parade, brought up the problem of the 4th being on a Sunday year. A motion was made, seconded, and approved that the parade be on Saturday, July 3rd this year. She said that the parade breaks even financially but that money is needed for deposits now. It was moved, seconded, and approved that 600.00 for deposits be available now. If anyone has ideas about a person to be the grand marshal, please let her know at 445-4737. Yates Barreda, who is in charge of cookies, asked that members bring cookies and/or watermelons to the post-parade activities.
Oak Wilt
A committee is needed to act on the oak wilt problem. There was little enthusiasm among members present.
Old Business
Robert E. Lee
The Robert E. Lee project is on schedule, and there is a good possibility the road will be open by 1 June 1999 if the guard rails come in. If the rails are not in, there is the option of having the road open one-way northbound. The hike and bike trail should open later this week during non-work hours; it would be closed while workers are there, generally 7:30-4.
Barton Skyway
The Barton Skyway project has been hindered by technical problems and difficulties with the contractor, according to Robert Reyne, project manager. The paving along the Skyway should be completed later this week. There were several complaints about bumps and dips, especially on the side heading towards Barton Creek.
New Business
Barton Hills Drive Speeding
The issue of speeding along Barton Hills Drive and what to do about it was discussed. Peter asked if there was any interest in forming a committee about the problem. If so, please report at the June meeting.
Program on
Smart Growth
Austan Librach, Director of the City Planning, Environmental and Conservation Services Department, spoke on Smart Growth aka How to Deal with Sprawl. He said the objectives are how and where Austin should grow in the future, how to improve the quality of life in Austin, and how to enhance the City tax base as well as AISD’s while considering the region as a whole and the effects on neighborhoods in particular.

Nathan Schneider, an architect with the Austin Department of Public Works and Transportation (499-7131), and Meghan Wieters, a neighborhood planner with the Austin Planning, Environmental and Conservation Services Department ( 499-6386), also spoke briefly on the subject.

A brief question and answer period followed.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:05 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Yates Barreda

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