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Barton Hills Neighborhood Association
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
January 3, 2002
Officers present were Robin McKeever, Noel Holmes, Peter Hess, Mark Gentle, Rafael Quintanilla, and Sharon Slagle.

Sharon read minutes from the November 13, 2001, Executive Committee meeting, and officers approved them.

Officers provided updates on the following topics, which had actions stemming from discussion at the November 13 Executive Committee meeting:
  • Robin has obtained new table cloths and name tags for the January General Meeting.
  • Date-inserts for meeting-notice signs will be ready in the next several days. Mark will post the signs on Thursday, January 17th. Noel will arrange for a notice to be posted on the Barton Hills Elementary school marquee.
  • A committee will meet with Terrace personnel on January 7th to seek a compromise on the bright lighting directed toward the neighborhood at the current construction site and to learn post-construction lighting plans.
  • Mark recommended that no Membership Committee be formed at present.
Membership Survey Officers reviewed a draft version of the survey and refined survey items. Robin will finalize the survey and send it to Noel for printing.
Agenda For Next General Meeting

Officers agreed on the following agenda for the January 22nd meeting:

  • Introduction of new officers, BHNA members, and guests
  • Approval of previous meeting minutes
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Guest speaker: Peter Rieck, City of Austin Director of the Public Works Department, to discuss status of the Barton Springs Road capital improvement project
  • Guest speaker: House District 49 Representative Elliott Naishtat, to discuss redistricting and the neighborhood
  • New business: membership survey, annual BHNA goals, proposed Barton Hills Elementary School landscaping project
  • Special Report: Joe Gieselman with an update on the Terrace Development project
Newsletter Noel proposed a new format for the newsletter, and it was enthusiastically endorsed. The January issue will be distributed to approximately 1400 neighborhood households by officers between January 12th and 15th. It will include pictures of the officers, to be made on January 6th at 3pm at Barton Hills Elementary School. Noel will solicit advertisement, primarily among merchants on South Lamar, and the published newsletter will include articles on the following topics:
  • General meeting agenda (Robin)
  • 2002 BHNA calendar (Robin)
  • List of new officers (Robin)
  • New List Server (Robin, with input from Sharon)
  • Reconfiguration of the 48th House district (Robin)
  • News from Barton Hills Elementary School (Noel)
  • Oak Wilt control tips (Peter)
  • BHNA membership appeal (Mark)
  • Terrace Development project update (Robin)
  • Neighborhood crime report, if possible (Noel)
Miscellaneous Business Sharon will work with Glenn Chase to make sure the web site contains current information.
Close The meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Slagle
Recording Secretary

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