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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
May 30, 2000
Members present were Joe Gieselman, Mark Reinking, John Bell, Kay Killen, Emily Mazac, and Yates Barreda.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as summarized.

The next general membership meeting will be Tuesday, 27 June 2000.

Robert E. Lee
Joe Gieselman and others met with Joan Hudson and Peter Marsh about the all-way stops at Robert E. Lee and Barton Hills Drive. These stops and two speed humps on Robert E. Lee between that intersection and the one with Barton Springs Drive are part of a proposed parcel of stops and speed humps in the Zilker Neighborhood, primarily along Rabb Road. A survey of that neighborhood’s residents and City Transportation Department research on traffic in the area led to the development of the plan. All residents of the Zilker Neighborhood will vote on the proposal.

Because the all-way stops on Robert E. Lee and Barton Hills Drive and the s

The Executive Committee felt most strongly that our neighborhood should be allowed to vote. Accordingly, Joe Gieselman will find out when the Zilker Neighborhood residents will be polled. He will write a letter to be sent to City Council members. This letter will also be sent via e-mail to Barton Hills Neighborhood Association members and will be made into a flyer to be sent with the newsletter (if time allows) and posted at locations in the neighborhood. Signs will also be posted at various places in the neighborhood.

Austin Parks
Foundation Grant
Joe Gieselman has applications for the Austin Park Foundation Grant. This grant in the amount of $300-$2500 must be matched by the community receiving it in either money or kind (donations of materials, labor, etc.

Two possible projects to apply for the grant for are the completion of the trails in Zilker near Robert E. Lee and Barton Hills Drive including a monument to the Park Police officer killed there this last weekend and Sunken Gardens. Joe will get in touch with the Sunken Gardens Committee. It was decided to try for the grant for both projects with the trail completion as the priority.

There was no report on the Terrace Development.
Barton Creek
There are three proposed waste water projects in the Barton Creek area, two of which affect this neighborhood. (The third is in the Bee Caves/Westlake Hills area.)

Beginning in October the waste water line in the creek bed will be relined and downsized.

Work on the other line will begin in Spring 2002. There are two proposals for this line which is in Zilker Park itself, one of which may involve digging along Robert

Joe Gieselman will write an article on this for the newsletter and see if we can get a speaker on the issue for the June meeting.

4th of July
The Association has a signed contract with Old Navy which will provide flags, kazoos, and $300 for the Parade in exchange for acknowledgement in press releases, flyers, etc. about the parade as well as display of an Old Navy banner at the Parade.
Art Stone volunteered to chair this committee at the last membership meeting.

The Executive Committee would like to encourage participation in the the National Night Out on 1 August 2000. Ways to join in include holding block parties so neighbors can get acquainted and leaving porch lights on that evening.

Kay Killen reported on the last ANC meeting, a four-hour marathon on Austin transportation issues. It is possible we may have a speaker on light rail at the October meeting.
June Meeting
--Announcements about the 4th of July Parade and request for volunteers

--Speaker on the Barton Creek Wastewater Projects

--Speaker and/or information on the proposed traffic measures along Robert E. Lee

--National Night Out information

--Committee reports:
Terrace Development
Sunken Gardens
Newsletter Articles for the newsletter are due 8 June 2000. The Boy Scouts will distribute it neighborhood-wide about 17 June 2000.

Items in the newsletter will include:

--Meeting agenda

--Articles on
the Robert E. Lee traffic measures issue
the wastewater project in the Barton Creek area
National Night Out
the 4th of July Parade

--Notice of the upcoming October election of new Association officers

--A proposal that the Association donate to the fund for the slain police officer’s family as well as forward any donations individual members may wish to make

--Membership form
Respectfully submitted,
Yates Barreda

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