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Barton Hills Neighborhood Association
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
March 19, 2003
Officers present were Robin McKeever, Lance Schriner, Derek Stuart, and Debby Kalk. McKeever called the meeting to order at 7:25pm.
Agenda for General Meeting on April 8
  • ACC tax referendum
  • BHNA handbook
  • Greenbelt Guardians
  • Barton Springs contamination report
  • ACL Festival resolution
  • Safe Routes to School report
  • Membership survey results
  • Barton Skyway entrance
  • Barton Springs Road project
  • Candidate forum
  • Betty Brown memorial project
  • Terrace lights
  • South Lamar enhancements
  • Open Forum
Newsletter Schriner reviewed status of advertising in the newsletter. Upcoming newsletter will be mailed to association members. Stuart will work with Schriner to get labels printed with current database.

Glee Ingram has scheduled the inaugural project this Saturday, March 22. There are over 20 volunteers lined up.

Austin City Limits Kalk will prepare a resolution on behalf of BHNA to the city in support of the Austin City Limits music festival scheduled to run again in September.
City Council Elections Due to the problem of scheduling a candidate forum, McKeever suggested handling the Q&A electronically. We can send the questions to the candidates and then distribute the answers via the listserv. McKeever distributed a list of questions BHNA can present to candidates for the mayoral and council races.
Member Survey Almost 200 members sent in surveys this year. McKeever has spot reviewed them. Kalk will tabulate data and report results at the general meeting.
Traffic and Police Reports McKeever reported that police have been targeting speeding on Barton Hills Drive near Robert E Lee and have issued a number of citations. She also reported continuing problems with homeless camps along the Greenbelt.

Kalk will contact Officer Summers with the police department and Officer Wade with PARD to provide quarterly reports on police activity to our neighbors.
Discussions Items for Next Executive Committee Meeting
  • Barton Hills neighborhood strategic plan
Next Meeting The next EC meeting is scheduled for May 27.

The meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Debby Kalk
Recording Secretary

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