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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
13 September, 2004
Officers present were Don Long, Rayma Chase, Derek Stuart, Robbie Botto, and Debby Kalk. Also present was Wendy Papasan. Long called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.

Long introduced Dr. Patricia Wilson, a professor of community and regional planning at the UT School of Architecture. Dr. Wilson proposed that students from her class work with BHNA in developing a series of house meetings on planning.

The project involves a three-part strategy. First, the Association needs to identify 20 stakeholders who the students will interview to gain a broad perspective on neighborhood issues. The next step is to identify volunteers to train who would then host house meetings, optimally at the block level. Finally, the class would present a report at our January meeting.

Long announced he plans to produce an online planning newsletter that can serve as a vehicle for keeping the community informed, documenting views, and engaging neighbors in two-way communication. Another component of the planning process will be 8-10 house meetings with 8-10 people attending each. Prior to the General Meeting, the call for participants will go out in the listserv and the newsletter.

Bylaws Kalk discussed the recommendations of the Bylaws Committee (Kalk, and current and former Association presidents, Peter Hess, Robin McKeever, Nan Clayton, and Don Long). The recommended changes are:
  • All member household residents over 18 can vote.

  • A quorum is 10% of the membership as determined by the treasurer.

  • New members must be paid up ten days prior to a meeting to be eligible to vote

The Executive Committee added this change:

  • Each of the quarterly newsletters will be delivered to all households.

  • Renewing members can pay by January 31 and remain current.

The discussion of the calendar raised the issue that the January General Meeting is a difficult one for a new board to plan and present so soon after assuming office. Kalk suggested keeping the election and fiscal year the same but seeing if the meeting calendar can shift. The Bylaws specify quarterly meetings but do not specify the months or dates when they should occur.

Election of Officers Long has asked Emily Mazac to chair a Nominating Committee which will present its slate at the October General Meeting.

Meeting Agenda

Other highlights of the upcoming general meeting include:

  • Town Lake Trail Foundation presentation by Gavin Wilson

  • Greenbelt Guardians by Glee Ingram, along with a report on a Community Agreement with the Juvenile Probation Service Program that works on Greenbelt Guardian workdays.

  • Report of a bike lanes survey by Robbie Botto and Scott Johnson.

  • Austin City Limits Festival report

Holiday Lights

Several neighbors, including Phil Sanders and Art Stone, have proposed establishing a holiday lights committee to encourage neighbors to put out luminaria. Additionally, Art Stone is planning on erecting lights on a tall tower on his property and opening the site to visitors.

Announcements and Reports
  • Long is seeking volunteer block captains in order to re-launch the Neighborhood Watch program.

  • Stuart will check with Glenn Chase on the progress of providing members with a web-based referral list.

  • Kalk will contact Officer Dawn Leonard for an updated crime report for the newsletter.

  • Kalk proposes a field trip to see a neighborhood mural developed for the East 11th St. revitalization project. Kalk has been in contact with Professor John Yancey of UT's Art Department who oversaw that mural project.

Walgreen's Long discussed the Austin Neighborhood Council's request to BHNA to oppose the City Council vote on the Walgreen's/Maria's project on Lamar. Kalk expressed concern about supporting the opposition on this project.

Newsletter Don introduced Wendy Papasan who is considering taking on the newsletter editor position. Discussion concerned how to divide the newsletter responsibilities. The consensus is to separate the ad sales from the newsletter design and production. Stuart will determine the estimated costs for an expanded newsletter; the net result if we sell more ads and add another 4 pages; and the cost of two additional neighborhood-wide distributions.

Long announced that the Cub Scout Pack 14 is interested in delivering newsletters in return for a donation to the troop.

Donation Stuart announced that the wife of former BHNA president Joe Gieselman has died. Stuart recommended that the Association make a contribution in the amount of $40 to Tree Folks, a favorite charity. The motion carried.

Next Meeting
  • The next General Meeting is October 12.

  • The next Executive Committee meeting will be the joint transitional meeting in November.

Closing The meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Debby Kalk
Recording Secretary

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