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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
June 8, 1999
Members attending were Peter Hess, Betty Brown, Pat Whiteside, and Yates Barreda.

The minutes of the 4 May 1999 General Membership Meeting were looked over briefly and Yates was requested to add the amount of $600 to the money approved for deposits for the Independence Day parade (done 9 June 1999--ypb).

The minutes of the 6 April l999 Executive Committee Meeting were moved, seconded, and approved with one abstention.

Exec. Committee
Member Reports:

John Bell, Treasurer

There was no Treasurer's report because John Bell was out of town.
Exec. Committee
Member Reports:

Betty Brown, Austin Neighborhoods Council Representative

Betty Brown was unable to attend the ANC (Austin Neighborhoods Council) meeting personally but later got information from others who were present. The main subject was the closing of Robert Mueller Airport.

She brought up the personal issue of the buses being used on Route 29 which are most uncomfortable and “not safe”. She stated that she had called Cap Metro which has contracted out the buses and a Cap Metro representative will ride with her husband Norman one day soon. She requested and it was approved that an item about the buses be included in the newsletter.

Exec. Committee
Member Reports:

Peter Hess, President

Peter has not been able to attend recent South Central Coalition meetings which are held the first Saturday of each month at 9:15 a.m. at El Mercado on South First Street.

Should anyone need it, the President of the Zilker Neighborhood Association is Kay Tribus; her phone number is 447-4437.

Committee Reports:

Roberta Preston,
Independence Day
Parade Committee

Roberta Preston had given Peter an update on plans for the 4th of July parade which will be held 3 July 1999. The grand marshall will be Sara Hickman; she will also sing the Star-Spangled Banner.

There will be a fire engine. So far there have been $350 in ads and $100 in contributions. Emily Mazac had given Peter a draft of the parade flyer which will be included in the newsletter; at Betty’s suggestion, Peter will ask her and Roberta to include the phone numbers of the drivers providing shuttle service to and from the parade.

New Business
Peter is still working on establishing committees and already has a tentative list of members for the Sunken Gardens, Web page, Terrace PUD, Beautification (ie. enforcing deed restrictions about such things as boats and RVs), and Sidewalk on Barton Hills Drive committees.

The Greenbelt cleanup and Oak Wilt committees have no one signed up as yet. Names are on the back of the agenda which has handed out at this meeting. Peter will do some calling in the coming week and hopes to include at least the names of the chairs for the various committee in the newsletter.

Camp Craft
Access to Barton
Creek Greenbelt
The possible closure of the Camp Craft trail access to the Greenbelt due to complaints of some Westlake area residents about crime and vandalism was discussed since it could affect residents near the Greenbelt accesses in our neighborhood. There will be a brief summary of the issue in the newsletter and it will be brought up at the 29 June 1999
General Membership Meeting.
Town Lake Park Peter will contact Larry Akers for an update on Town Lake Park and include it in the newsletter as well as information on any public meetings about it.
National Night Out The National Night Out is Tuesday 3 August 1999. Information will be included in the newsletter, and Peter will make copies of the form to request police presence at neighborhood parties available at the 29 June meeting.

Of course, there can be parties without police help. These will have to be on a personal basis. BH-HBNA is not having a neighborhood-wide party.

Crime/Vandalism There has been some fairly minor crime and vandalism in the neighborhood: mail boxes damaged or knocked down, an egg thrown at a house, a car broken into, etc. There will be an item about this in the newsletter with a request to be vigilant and report any instance to 911 immediately.
Old Business
Barton Skyway
Project Update
There will be an update on the Barton Skyway project in the newsletter. There have been complaints about the incomplete job of repaving on the road. Apparently there are not the funds to complete the job because of the extra expenses involved in redoing the flatter part of the road. This will be on the agenda; it might be appropriate, if approved by the membership as whole, to enter a protest to the City as a neighborhood association.

Excessive speed and failure to heed stop signs are problems on Barton Skyway. This is a policing issue, and individuals will be encouraged to notify the police and perhaps request some police monitoring of the road when these occur.

Robert E. Lee
Road Work
Robert E. Lee is open! The railings are temporary wooden ones, because the contractor for the metal guard rails has not completed them yet. After they are installed, there will be an official ceremony celebrating the opening of the road.
Agenda Items
At 9:00 p.m. Betty Brown walked out. Since there was no longer a quorum, the rest of the committee decided to go over the rest of the items on the agenda briefly. Peter will send these minutes out by e-mail (regular mail to Betty) and ask for comment and approval by the rest of the committee members.

Peter has received no communication about the Terrace PUD issue which has been quiet recently.

Peter is working with Glenn Chase on the Web -page project and hopes to have it completed before the October Executive Committee Meeting.

Next General
Meeting June 29
The General Membership Meeting will be held 29 June 1999 as announced at the 4 May 1999 General Membership Meeting and as alluded to earlier in the meeting since there should be a meeting before the parade. There will be the usual BBQ dinner beforehand.

The agenda will include the items referred to previously.

Since there seems to be no truly burning neighborhood issue at the moment, Peter thought having a speaker on Town Lake Park would be a good idea. He will check into getting a speaker. Since there appears to be little interest in public transportation among people in the neighborhood, it was suggested that we not have a speaker on Cap Metro’s AIM (Austin Area in Motion) proposal.

E-mail distribution of the newsletter would be more cost effective in terms of cutting distribution costs than other means of getting it out and more convenient and likely to be read by some members. We would like to see it implemented when it is time to renew memberships. The revised membership form would ask for permission to e-mail to those who would like it and their e-mail addresses as well as whether people would prefer to receive the newsletter only by e-mail, only by hand or mail distribution, or by both.

Committee members should be thinking about the upcoming October elections. There will be an item in the newsletter suggesting people start thinking about them, too, and letting Executive Committee members know if they are interested in running for office or being on the Nominating Committee.

There will be a parade update as well as a request for cookie donations.

Seven ads are all ready to go in the newsletter with the parade flyer. There may be more in the newsletter itself.

The June issue of the newsletter traditionally goes to all neighborhood residents. Peter has checked around with distributing firms and the going cost seems to be about 12 cents a copy. Because of problems with newsletters not being delivered by contracted firms as was done last year, we decided to hire Peter’s boys again. Yates and Pat volunteered to help, too. Peter’s boys were paid 10 cents a copy last time. Pat moved, and Yates seconded that they be paid 12 cents a copy.
Respectfully submitted,
Yates Barreda

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