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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
June 7, 2001
Officers present were Joe Gieselman, Robin McKeever, Rafael Quintanilla, Emily Mazac, Kay Killen, and Sharon Slagle. Noél Holmes, Fourth of July Parade Committee Chair, also was present.

Joe Gieselman called the meeting to order shortly after 7 pm.

Committee Status Report
Noél Holmes reported on the status of planning for the neighborhood Fourth of July Parade:
  • The parade will start at Barton Hill Market, with paraders beginning to gather at 8:30, and will end at Barton Hills Elementary School.
  • Old Navy, a sponsor by signed contract, will have a van in the parade and will provide kazoos, flags, bike decorations, etc., as well as $300.
  • Sarah Hickman will sing the anthem and other key participants are lined up although still needed are volunteer judges, a coordinator of games, and four people to help with table setup and ice. Also needed are cookies and watermelon, and access to the school for use of electrical outlets and bathrooms.

Joe will follow up to identify the school principal and get permission to use its facilities, including the marquee. Noél will solicit volunteers at the June 26th general meeting.

Newsletter The June issue of the newsletter will include these articles:
  • From Noél-an article on Fourth of July parade planning.
  • From Jorjanna Price (whom Joe will contact)-an article on the status of oak wilt in the neighborhood.
  • From Emily-an article on National Neighborhood Night Out (August 7th) planning.
  • From Robin-articles on a recent meeting hosted by the city on improvements to greenbelt entrances, on a recent meeting at Rafael's soliciting support for the Ophelia Project, and on directions for using and to the city location for hazardous waste disposal.
  • From Kay-an update on Austin Neighborhood Council (ANC) business.
  • From Joe-articles on recent changes, including a new principal, at Barton Hills Elementary, and on proposed water/wastewater improvement alternatives on Robert E. Lee, as well as an agenda for the upcoming general meeting and a reminder to the neighborhood of imminent construction on Barton Springs Road.

All articles are due to Emily by June 13th and all advertisements are due to Emily by June 17th, with the goal of having newsletters printed and prepared for vendor distribution by June 19th.

Agenda for Next General Meeting Agenda items for June 26th meeting include a status update from Noél on Fourth of July parade planning, and a presentation by either Ann Kitchen or Jeff Jack:
  • Ann will provide a summary of relevant items from the recent legislative session.
  • If Ann is not available, Jeff will be invited to solicit support for Zilker Neighborhood Association efforts to obtain traffic calming measures on Robert E. Lee. If Ann is available to make a presentation, which would leave no time for an additional speaker, Jeff will be invited to provide a newsletter article instead.

Crispin Ruiz from the City of Austin will also speak on proposed water/wastewater improvement alternatives on Robert E. Lee.

Treasurer's Update Rafael reported that we now have $7896 in the bank.
ANC Update Kay provided City-sponsored handouts from the most recent Austin Neighborhood Council meeting, and reported that the July meeting will focus on organizing a Neighborhood Watch. Kay also provided a copy (hardcopy attached) of her Neighborhood Swap proposal, delivered to the ANC on April 25th.
Miscellaneous Business We agreed to defer indefinitely plans to produce a neighborhood directory, unable at this time with our current understanding of the value of directory to justify the labor-intensive activity.

Although the City of Austin is not encouraging us to work on a neighborhood plan due to inadequate city staffing to support such an effort, we agreed that identifying long-range and high-level neighborhood goals, priorities, and concerns will better prepare us to move on unanticipated new issues that arise and will support work on a more detailed neighborhood plan when the City requires one. Peter Hess has agreed to chair a Neighborhood Plan committee, and Joe will draft a charter.

Wording for our new Neighborhood Meeting signs was finalized, and Robin will have the signs completed.

Concerns were raised about brightly lighted and noisy construction cranes at work in the greenbelt. Joe will ask Craig Smith, Environment and Beautification Chair, for an update on Terrace construction plans and schedules, and Rafael will contact Richard Suttle, attorney for the Terrace project.
Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Slagle
Recording Secretary

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