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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
January 6, 2004
Officers present were Don Long, Rayma Chase, Lance Schriner, Derek Stuart, and Debby Kalk. Long called the meeting to order at 7:15pm. Long welcomed the new board. He explained that Robbie Botto will join the board as ANC rep.
Planning for General Meeting on January 27

Board members who volunteer to help set up the room should arrive at 5:40. Kalk will investigate the cost of inexpensive tablecloths at an outlet such as Sam's. Long will call Tom Green to confirm the Green Mesquite set-up. Long encouraged all board members to take a seat at the dais table to help members get to know their board members.

Long explained that he would like to introduce some new ideas such as spotlighting talented members of the community perhaps to begin each meeting with a song or short talk.

A major initiative coming this year will be the neighborhood planning process.

The agenda for this meeting will be full. Long encouraged board members to address significant issues in the newsletter and listserv before these items are introduced at a General Meeting. For example, Schriner's proposed Living Wage resolution needs to be included in the upcoming newsletter. This "over-notification" is an important courtesy to the membership.

Chase will take responsibility for membership issues including a member survey to be included in the upcoming newsletter. Kalk will forward information on previous surveys and tabulated responses. Long proposed several strategies for increasing revenues from membership dues including two year payments, a special premium member classification, and exploring the option of allowing members to pay via the PayPal online system.

Long proposed distributing the newsletter on foot by dividing the neighborhood into 7 sectors and finding volunteers for each sector. Stuart is concerned that the treasury cannot afford to mail the newsletter.

Discussion followed on the merits of having a communications committee. Schriner did not see a benefit for a committee for the newsletter since it's usually full and the issue is finding space, not filling it. An optional online newsletter was discussed which would need technical support.

Kalk will chair a Bylaws committee to review the current Bylaws and propose changes. Prior to that comprehensive review, the EC will propose raising the membership dues to $10 beginning with the January meeting. Stuart will draft a proposal for this change which will appear in the newsletter prior to the meeting.

Kalk will write a short article on the status of the Betty Brown memorial project.

Jen Stuart and Sara Hickman have offered to develop a mural for the blank wall at the neighborhood entrance at Barton Skyway and Lamar. Kalk suggested that this project receive more input from more of the community and research as to the materials and options available. Other issues include funding and maintenance. Kalk will chair an interim committee to determine these logistical issues.

A sidewalk committee, chaired by Cindy Bogard, cleared the branches, leaves, and trash obstructing this sidewalk. This committee is also planning a fund raiser to raise matching funds to build sidewalks on stretches of Barton Hills Dr that lack them.

Long will check on the status of the Terrace development's lighting and then contact the liaison there as needed.

Long will invite Dawn Leonard, BH's new APD District Representative, to present at the general meeting.

EC will consider reviewing Envision Central Texas results at an upcoming meeting.


The deadline for the newsletter is Friday, January 09, 2004. The newsletter goes to the printer on Monday and will be distributed the following week.

Operations Long will pick up sound system from Art Stone. Schriner will assume responsibility for setting it up at the meeting.

New board members need to get contact information to Glenn Chase so that he can update the web site.
Next Meeting
  • The next General Meeting is January 27.
  • The next EC meeting is scheduled for March 9 with a General Meeting on April 13.

The meeting adjourned at 9:25 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Debby Kalk
Recording Secretary

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