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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
April 6, 1999
Members attending were Peter Hess, Betty Brown, John Bell, Pat Whiteside, and Yates Barreda. The Godwins were again unable to attend.
Exec. Committee Member Reports:

Peter Hess, President

The Godwins have not been doing the newsletter; Peter has written the last two. Peter called about ten firms regarding distribution of the last newsletter. He ended up paying his own boys 10 cents apiece to distribute them. There was a good response to the newsletter. The next one should go out next week; it will be mailed to members.
Exec. Committee Member Reports:

Yates Barreda,

The minutes of the last executive committee meeting were read and approved.
Exec. Committee Member Reports:

John Bell,

John Bell was a little late so there was no treasurer’s report immediately available. When he came he assured everyone that the Association is solvent and gave a report on membership. One-third of the members are new responses, and some are potential advertisers for the newsletter.
Zilker Neighborhood Assn Report There was a brief overview of the joint meeting with the Zilker Neighborhood Association.
Exec. Committee Member Reports:

Betty Brown,
Austin Neighborhood Council Representative

Betty Brown reported on the Austin Neighborhoods Council meeting. Karen Ray, the new director of Cap Metro spoke. Twenty-nine of the buses are contracted to Bluebird which is using very uncomfortable buses of the sort that are used for prisoners. There was a candidate forum for the City Council race.
South Central
Coalition Report
The South Central Coalition meeting focused on the issue of Smart Growth.
Exec. Committee Member Reports:

Betty Brown,
Austin Neighborhood Council Representative

Betty Brown suggested that at the next general meeting we have someone speak on the issue of traffic on downtown Lamar and how it will be dealt with once the projected growth in that area is a reality. She suggested asking Toby Futtrell (sp?), the Assistant City Manager, or Austin LeBrock (sp?), who is involved with Smart Growth plans.
New Business
The first issue discussed was committee structure, most of which will be touched on in the upcoming newsletter.

--Work on the Sunken Gardens in Zilker Park will be a joint endeavor with the Zilker Neighborhood Association--John Akers will chair

--Glenn Chase will head work on the BHHBNA web page

--The Terrace PUD--no chair yet

--Beautification, including issues of parked RVs and boats and deed restrictions; John McWhorter, chair

--Greenbelt clean-up--no chair yet; many members are interested

--Sidewalk extension from the school north; Betty Brown

--Speeding traffic on Barton Hills Drive--Kay Killen, Jennifer Stuart, and Carl Newsome are interested

--Telephone/Communication Committee; Betty Brown volunteered
APD Reorganization 2. The reorganization of APD will be covered in the newsletter.
Advertising Rates
3. The fee for one advertiser was reduced in the last newsletter because the size of his ad was reduced. It was agreed that the $50 fee/business card sized ad in newsletters (1300) sent to every resident be reduced to $30 for newsletters (400) sent to members only.
South Central
Coalition Meeting
4. Smart Growth will be the primary topic at the South Central Coalition meeting on 10 April 1999.
Smart Growth
Citywide Workshop
5. Smart Growth will also be the primary issue at the city-wide workshop on the topic to be held 17 April 1999 at Travis High School. The meeting is open to all residents. Peter Hess will attend. The two primary topics will be the growth corridors of South Lamar, South First, South Congress, and Barton Springs Road; and the increased pressures and density into adjacent neighborhoods, “gentrification”, and increases in property values with may result in long-time residents being forced out of their neighborhoods.
Town Lake Park
6. Workshops on planning Town Lake Park will be held 13-15 April 1999. Peter will be unable to attend.
Trails and
Greenways Project
7. There was practically no discussion about the Austin Metro Trails and Greenways Project.
Independence Day
Parade Committee
8. The 4th of July Parade Committee, chaired by Roberta Preston, has not yet met.
Old Business
Barton Skyway 1. We need an update from the City on the work on Barton Skyway for the newsletter.
Barton Springs/
Robert E. Lee
2. We also need an update on the work at Barton Springs Road and Robert E. Lee.
Terrace PUD 3. And on the Terrace PUD, also. There are new plans for it which will make it just as it was before CSC withdrew to downtown; there is no client yet.
Web Page Project 4. There will be a report on the web page project either in the newsletter or at the general meeting.
Next General
Meeting April 27

A barbeque dinner will precede the meeting, starting at 6 p.m.

There will be a reminder about the elections for City Council 1 May 1999.

We will try to have speakers on the issues of Lamar downtown development, Smart Growth, and Town Lake Park. Each will be given 10 minutes to speak with a question and answer period following each speaker.

Respectfully submitted,
Yates Barreda

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