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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
October 5, 1999
Members attending the Executive Committee meeting were Peter Hess, Betty Brown, Pat Whiteside, John Bell, and Yates Barreda.

The minutes of the 8 June 1999 Executive Committee meeting were read and approved. Peter Hess will look over the minutes of the June general membership meeting.

Exec. Committee
Member Reports:

John Bell

John Bell reported that the Treasury has $4340 including the $67 designated for oak wilt. There are no outstanding bills.
Exec. Committee
Member Reports:

Betty Brown, Austin Neighborhoods Council Representative

Betty Brown went to the August ANC meeting, but not the September one. Items on the agenda were the water supply agreement with the LCRA, neighborhood planning, and the proposed Gotham Lofts project which earned a disapproval resolution.

Betty reported on the ribbon-cutting ceremony to open Robert E. Lee at Barton Springs Road. She and the mayor cut the ribbon. She agreed to write an article about it for the newsletter.

Exec. Committee
Member Reports:

Peter Hess, President

Peter Hess was unable to attend the most recent S.C. Coalition meeting.
Committee Reports:

Roberta Preston,
Independence Day
Parade Committee

The Independence Day Parade was a huge success, and Roberta Preston has agreed to chair the committee again next year.
New Business
Officer Nominations
A slate of officers for next year will be voted on at the 26 October 1999 meeting. People proposed to be on the nominating committee were Carl Newsome, Nan Clayton, Rich Rubio, Fern and/or Walter Mizelle, and Ruth and/or Larry Sclerandi. John Bell and Yates Barreda agreed to continue in their present positions if nominated and elected. People proposed for other offices included Nan Clayton, ANC rep; Emily Mazac, newsletter; and Kay Killen.
Crime Reports
No one knew of any major crime in the neighborhood except for a rash of small burglaries in the Rabb Road area. The Association’s web page will put in a link to APD so that residents can easily access the APD crime reports.

Webmaster Note: You can obtain crime statistics for Barton Hills by going to the following Austin Police Department web site:

This link will be added to the "Helpful Links" section of the BH-HBNA web site when this page is created. For the time being, it will be featured on the "Announcements" page.

Gotham Lofts Apparently the Gotham Lofts project is not a done deal. There will be an item about it in the newsletter, and it may be on the agenda for the general meeting.
Sunken Gardens
Robert Hansen, the endangered species biologist in charge of the Sunken Gardens renovation, contacted Peter about plans for the project. Peter will ask him to be the speaker at the general meeting. In any event, there will be an item in the newsletter and on the agenda asking for volunteers to help with the work.
Newsletter There will be a newsletter item about the tree planting and playground completion in Barton Hills Park.

Pat Whiteside will write an item for the newsletter about the proposal to use the Longhorn Pipeline, originally built to transport crude oil, to pump gasoline, diesel, and aviation fuel. The pipeline does not meet current standards. While not in our immediate neighborhood, it is a big concern for other nearby neighborhoods. Pat said that those interested should contact her.

Barton Creek Greenbet Cleanup There will be an effort to get a group together for a clean-up in the Barton Creek Greenbelt in November.
Old Business
There will be an update on the water and wastewater line work in the Barton Skyway area either in the newsletter or at the meeting.

Another newsletter update will be on Town Lake Park.

There has been no word lately on the Terrace PUD.

With reference to the web page, decisions need to be made about policy issues, who decides them, etc. This will be left to the next Executive Committee.

Peter wants to get Association committees in business. Volunteers and committee chairs will be recruited in the newsletter and at the meeting.
Next General
Meeting Oct 26
The general membership meeting will be held at St. Mark’s Church on 26 October 1999. Peter will see if the Green Mesquite would be willing to bring in the dinner from its other sites since the one on Barton Springs road is still being rebuilt.

Peter will ask Robert Hansen if he would be willing to be the speaker. If he is unavailable, Peter will poll the rest of the Committee by e-mail about a substitute.

There will be a form in the newsletter asking members if they wish to receive the newsletters by e-mail, regular mail, or both. Sending by e-mail will be implemented next year.

Items to be included in the newsletter are the ribbon-cutting at Robert E. Lee, the Gotham Lofts, the Sunken Gardens, Barton Hills Park, the Longhorn Pipeline, the Greenbelt clean-up, the water and wastewater lines, and Town Lake Park.

Ads will include a free one for the company that provided the sound system for the parade (it was inadvertently left out of the June issue) and a free one advertising St. Mark’s Fall Festival. There was discussion but no agreement reached on the issue of including ads for things like cars, houses, garage sales, etc.
The Committee will need to meet to stamp and fold the newsletters before they are mailed on 19 October.
Respectfully submitted,
Yates Barreda

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