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Executive Committee Meeting Minutes
January 4, 2001
Outgoing and incoming officers present were Joe Gieselman, Robin McKeever, John Bell, Rafael Quintanilla, Kay Killen, Yates Barreda, Sharon Slagle, and Emily Mazac.

Joe Gieselman called the meeting to order shortly after 7 pm.

Yates Barreda read minutes of the previous meeting, and the committee accepted them with minor corrections.

Changing of the Officers
Joe Gieselman briefly reviewed roles of officers according to the bylaws, and each outgoing officer reviewed responsibilities for the incoming officer:
  • President: Joe Gieselman continues in this office.
  • Vice President: In Mark Reinking's absence, Joe Gieselman reviewed responsibilities for Robin McKeever.
  • Treasurer: John Bell transferred to Rafael Quintanilla a variety of materials, including a list of members paid for 2001 and the Treasurer's report for 2000.
  • Recording Secretary: Yates Barreda transferred to Sharon Slagle a binder containing minutes of business meetings of the Association in the preceding year.
  • Corresponding Secretary: Emily Mazac continues in this office.
  • Austin Neighborhood Council Representative: Kay Killen continues in this office.
Agenda For Next
General Meeting
Agenda items for the January 23rd meeting will include: introduction of new officers, briefing on capital expansion plans from St. Mark's church, neighborhood police report from the Austin Police Department, brief close-out reports from last year's committees, year 2001 goals development and refinement, and Treasurer's report and membership renewal reminder.
Newsletter The newsletter will be printed and distributed quarterly, twice a year to BHNA membership only and twice a year to the entire neighborhood.

For the January issue, Joe will provide Emily with articles on: BHNA calendar for the coming year, agenda for January general meeting, neighborhood police activities, and a request for areas of concern within the neighborhood to support BHNA goals development.

Tom Joyce will provide an article on St. Mark's expansion plans. Emily will include a membership renewal reminder and a solicitation for advertising. In the interests of making our distribution deadline, Rafael will check on prices for having the print vendor fold and prepare the newsletter for distribution. Emily will have the newsletter printed and ready for distribution to the entire neighborhood by January 13th, and Robin will help coordinate distribution.

Calendar, Goals, and Committee Assignments Joe provided a draft calendar that included basic items, and he requested committee members to email him a list of any major events that should be added to the calendar.

Using the newsletter and the January meeting, Joe will solicit membership concerns for BHNA goals development and refinement.

Joe provided a list of committees for 2001 and solicited recommendations for leaders of those committees. Discussion yielded agreement that committees should have goals that can be completed within the year.

Miscellaneous Business Topics of general discussion included:
  • Ways to involve more neighbors in BHNA meetings and activities
  • The advantages and constraints of using a listserver for publicizing BHNA information: John recommended that we invite a subject matter expert to a future meeting.
  • The possible need to replace one of our three neighborhood meeting reminder signs: Robin will follow up with Mark Reinking and, possibly, Carl Newsome.

The meeting adjourned shortly after 9 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Sharon Slagle
Recording Secretary

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